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4G Bonding Encoder for Live Streaming

Product Model:    Q8


• 3-way full Netcom 4G interface,5 bandwidth overlay.

• HDMI/SDI double video switching.

• H.265+,low bit rate,HD quality.

• 192KHz,24bit,AGC Automatic gain algorithm.

• APP fast remote operation

• Bonding router function, cellular 3x 4G together to get fast internet.

• Server cost and traffic cost is Free before the end of 2019

Introduction Parameters Video Application

Mine-Q8 is a live streaming encoder which aggregate Ethernet, Wi-Fi and up to 3 SIM cards to create a single, robust pipeline for delivering video. The combination of several network connections allows broadcasters to reinforce their video by sending traffic over multiple routes, repackaging at the destination with rock-solid dependability. Therefore, you can stream anywhere any time.
The device also features dual input ( HDMI/SDI) for seamless video switching, you can monitor the videos from different source at preview screen. It can also be controlled via a mobile APP for configuration and monitoring. It is convenient to stream to some website like YouTube or Facebook directly.
Meanwhile, H.265 + protocol will save your more bandwidth. It's a very ideal solution for streamers and broadcasters.

Model 4G Bonding Encoder
Video Input HDMI/SDI
Video Compression H.264/H.265
Recording Mp4
Video format PAL NTSC 1080I: 50/60 fps
Streaming resolution 480*270 640*360
  1280*720 1920*1080
Recording resolution 1080p60
SD Card TF max 2TB
4G network 3X SIM TD/FDD-LTE
Working duration 4-6H
Power consumption 12w
Weight 2.5kg
Language English
Internet Protocol RTMP/RTSP
Working Temperature 0-45℃
Storage humidity 5-40℃

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